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Dog Thrown From A Car In A Cardboard Box Is Finally Safe

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Someone was driving along a road in Rhode Island when, suddenly, they pulled over and threw a cardboard box out the window and over the guardrail.

Inside the box was 4-year-old pit bull.

The poor dog could barely walk more than a few steps, and was covered in scars and bruises - some possibly from other dogs and some possibly from humans.

A woman who saw the dog get dumped called the police, and Officer James Eastwood responded to the call. He jumped over the guardrail and ventured down to where the dog was, and then carried him to safety.

Handsome Dan's Rescue was contacted and stepped up to take him on. They named the dog Eastwood, after the officer who saved him, and will call him Woody for short, the group wrote on its Facebook page.

Jacqueline Baffoni, the lead shelter enrichment specialist for Handsome Dan's Rescue, Heather Gutshall, president and founder of Handsome Dan's Rescue, and Officer Joe Warzycha of the Rhode Island SPCA went to meet Woody and welcome him into their rescue family. The poor dog seemed so scared and defeated.

Woody was evaluated at the Hopkinton Animal Shelter to assess his behavior, as he comes from a very uncertain past.

"He was fearful and shy, but was able to accept touch and treats from his evaluators in a short amount of time," Baffoni told The Dodo.

Woody's health is not in the greatest state. He's extremely emaciated, had an abscess on his chest that had to be removed and also has major damage in his mouth.

"Eastwood visited the vet today, likely for the first time in his life, and we are awaiting his bloodwork for more information on his current medical condition," Baffoni said.

Handsome Dan's Rescue will work together with the RISPCA to come up with a plan to help Woody heal emotionally, and he will live at the RISPCA pending a cruelty case. A $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for abusing and abandoning Woody.

Anyone with information can contact the RISPCA at 401-438-8150 ext. 4 or the Hopkinton Police Department at 401-377-7750.

To help other dogs like Woody, you can donate to Handsome Dan's Rescue.