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Dog Takes A Bullet Protecting The Home He Loves

Anubis was home alone when burglars broke into his home, but he wasn't afraid. And he even ended up taking a bullet - all because he had been trying to protect the home that he loves.

Chris Watson came home on Monday and found his Florida home broken into and destroyed. Anubis, a 5-year-old Rhodesian ridgeback, was hiding in the bedroom when police arrived. He had been grazed in the head by the bullet, which then ultimately lodged itself in his neck, just missing major arteries and blood vessels, ABC News reported.

Anubis is extremely lucky to be alive - if the bullet had been just inches in another direction he may not have survived. The bullet was successfully removed by Dr. Andrea Smith of BluePearl Veterinary Clinic, and so far Anubis is recovering nicely.

"Anubis has been handling the whole situation better than I am," Watson told ABC News.

The St. Petersburg Police Department said on its Facebook page that the bullet removed from Anubis will help to provide clues as to who his attackers were.

Check out video coverage of Anubis's incredible story below: