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Tiny Dog Found Alive Under Collapsed 17-Story Building In Taiwan

It was still dark out when a deadly earthquake toppled a massive, 96-unit high rise in Taiwan early Saturday morning, but along with the daylight the first ray of hope has now come.

The Associated Press captured the dramatic moment rescuers pulled a little dog from the rubble of the 17-story building, which collapsed "like an accordion" after a 6.4-magnitude earthquake rocked the city of Tainan.

In the video, emergency personnel can be seen passing the dog along, one by one, until she's safely clear of the debris.

Miraculously, the dog in the footage appears to have escaped the disaster largely unharmed.

Since the search for survivors began, canine rescuers have played a crucial role in the operation. So far, 23 sniffer dogs have been deployed to the region, The Washington Post reports.

Over 100 people are still missing, but rescue teams and their canine helpers are hard at work helping the survivors, whether they're humans or lucky little dogs.