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Dog Isn't Stuck In A Wall ... He Meant To Do That

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Dogs often seem to get themselves into er, tricky situations, and are too proud to act like it was a mistake. They just kind of go with it. This pup, however, took that attitude to a whole new level.

Twitter user onodesu0223 recently tweeted pictures of a dog who, somehow, got himself stuck in a hole ... in the middle of a wall.

In the zoomed out photo, it almost looks like he's floating, which maybe was his intention. He just wanted to make himself look magical, ok?

In the zoomed in photo, it actually looks like the pup is happy about his current predicament. Most likely he is displaying that typical dog attitude. "What? I meant to do this. This is exactly what I wanted. No, I'm not stuck, YOU'RE STUCK."

Fortunately, the Twitter user reported that the dog is just fine - he made it out of the hole and is on his way to find his next adventure.

Who knows exactly how or why this dog got himself stuck in that hole. Maybe he decided to take the phrase "that little hole-in-the-wall place" literally.

Or maybe, he's a dog, and that's just what dogs do. It's OK, buddy. You're pretty darn adorable.