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Dog Stuck High Up In Tree Could, Um, Use A Little Help Getting Down

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Move over, cats - there's a new tree-climbing pet in town. (And she, well, needs someone to please come help her down.)

On Thursday, animal control officers in Bakersfield, California, were called to deal with the misadventurous canine after she got herself in a rather unusual conundrum. Somehow, the little Chihuahua named Petra had managed to make her way high up among the branches of a towering Italian cypress tree, settling in around 25 feet off the ground.

As impressive of a feat as it was for Petra to get up there in the first place, her climbing skills were evidently only one-directional. But even the most ambitious arboreal Chihuahuas aren't exempt from the laws of gravity - and what goes up, must eventually come down.

For that part, Petra would need a helping hand.

Fortunately, first responders from the Kern County Fire Department, while no doubt amused, weren't callous to the little dog's treetop plight. They arrived on the scene with a ladder to escort Petra back to solid ground - plucking her from her leafy perch like some furry dog-shaped fruit.

Firefighters managed to successfully strip the tree of its bark.

Once out of the tree, it wasn't long before Petra's wayward journey came to a happy conclusion, rescuers wrote on Facebook: "Animal Control Officers were able to locate an owner for the dog and the dog was released into the custody of the owner, safe and sound."

Truly a job well done!