Shelter Dog Is Transformed The Minute He Leaves This Building

If the walls of a certain kennel at a Philadelphia animal shelter could feel anything today, it might be an overwhelming sense of relief.

The former occupant would stare at them all day and all night, ever since his rescue fell through and he was returned to ACCT Philly last week.

But after the story of March, the young pit bull mix who seemed to be completely shutting down under the weight of shelter life, was published in The Dodo, someone took another chance on him.

He left those walls earlier this week. We don't know where March is going - according to the shelter's Facebook page, the rescue would like to remain anonymous - but we think it's going to stick this time.

"They are a very highly regarded local group that will put March up for adoption through their shelter," ACCT Philly notes on its Facebook page. "While he does not yet have a 'forever home,' being transferred from ACCT Philly to their no-kill group is very positive for March."

When you get that kind of opportunity, you run - don't march - to the nearest exit. And this dog didn't hesitate. A photo snapped of March on his way out of the shelter suggests a brand-new dog - all whirring tail and wonder.

And just one last look back at the shelter. Yes, March, this is for real.

He's no longer staring at the same walls that kept dragging him back inside. Which makes this empty kennel, at least for today, one of the happiest places on Earth.

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