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Dog Tells On Best Friend When Mom Asks Who Did It

Every dog knows that the most coveted title is "good boy" (or girl). So while doggie friendships are important, if a dog's "good boy" status is ever in jeopardy ... it's every dog for himself.

These two dogs were left home alone when one of them went to town on a roll of toilet paper, which seemed like a great idea at the time - until there was suddenly a huge, unexplainable mess and THE HUMANS CAME HOME.

When confronted, the other dog was forced to make a tough choice ... and decided to snitch on his best friend.

While it may seem harsh, this pup did what he had to do to keep his special title, and to ensure that the treats kept flowing. As for his best friend, I'm sure she learned a valuable lesson from all this: Be as far away from your mess as possible when the humans come home.