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Dog Has Best Day Ever After Sneaking Out To Surprise His Friends

Riley knows what he likes - and what he likes is spending time with his best dog buddies. So much so, in fact, that apparently nothing can keep him from doing just that.

Last week, the 5-year-old golden retriever was out for a drive through town with his owner, Tonia Mosteller, when they passed by Happy Dog Cafe Daycare in Belmont, North Carolina. Riley's been going there since he was a pup, but on this particular day the plan was to drop him off at home.

When he realized that Mosteller wasn't stopping, even after spotting his friends out front, Riley was devastated. According to news station WBTV, he even began to whine, but to no avail.

Perhaps it was then that he began to hatch a plan.

When Riley got home and was ushered into the backyard, he watched as Mosteller left again. That's when he made a break for it.

Somehow, the dog managed to open the backyard gate all on his own - after which, he walked himself a mile back into town, straight to the day care center.

Though more than a little surprised to see Riley waiting at the front door, reports WBTV, staff there decided to let him in to play with his friends anyway.

Mission accomplished.

The day care called Mosteller immediately to let her know Riley was there, but it's hard to imagine she was too upset at what her dog had done - especially since it's so impressive.

Best of all, he got to stay with his buds all day (free of charge).

Riley's impromptu outing even made the local TV news in a charming report that's well-worth watching.