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Dog Who Got Shot Can't Stop Kissing The Man Who Saved Him

He wears cozy sweaters to cover his scars.

When people meet the dog with all the kisses, they would never know he was used as target practice. He licks every face clean.

In fact, you would need an X-ray to know that, at some point, someone put a bullet in him. It grazed his shoulder, lodging into his side - and, somehow, missed every major organ.

Even more miraculous, the bullet grazed the dog's face on its way in, leaving him with a small scar - which is why the man who saved him decided to call him Lucky Luciano. Or just Lucky.

Mike Diesel already had a rescued dog in his car when he got a Facebook message: there was a dog who looked like he had been shot hanging around Detroit's Rouge Park.

"I immediately went to get Lucky," Diesel, founder of Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue, tells The Dodo.

He was told some kids may have been shooting at the stray dog.

"Lucky went home with me that day," Diesel says.

But first, a trip to the emergency clinic, where Lucky's miraculous near-miss was captured with an X-ray.

"We were told how lucky he was because the bullet grazed his face to the point you can even see the roundness of the scar," Diesel explains.

While Lucky's scars don't keep him from giving everyone he meets a thorough face-washing, they do keep him swaddled in a sweater.

"He's a super happy boy and loves his new sweater, which helps him to not scratch at the wounds," Diesel says.

Although the bullet will likely always remain with him - the veterinarian says it's likely safer to leave it where it is - Lucky doesn't show a trace of trauma. Only grateful kisses for those lucky enough to meet him.

Soon, he will be looking for a forever home. Think that might be you?

Get in touch with Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue through its Facebook page.

And if you would like to support this group's mission to save countless dogs like Diesel, consider making a donation.