Dog Who Was In Shelter 11 Years Now Learning To Love

A little over 3 weeks ago, Olive was adopted after 11 years without a home. Olive was without a family for so long she was never really able to learn how to be a part of one. Every day in her new home is an adjustment - but now Olive has thousands of people cheering her on every single day.

Olive first came to the Yonkers Animal Shelter in New York when she was only a puppy. The staff at the shelter loved Olive dearly, but a shelter is still very different from a home and a family. Olive's new mom set up a Facebook page for Olive before she even arrived at her new home, where she posts updates on Olive's progress.

Olive's first days in her new home were not without challenges. She didn't sleep very well at first because she was in a totally new environment. She was not yet comfortable being in her crate. She wasn't used to her dad or dog brother yet, and occasionally tried to nip at them because she was so anxious around them.

But Olive's new family refused to give up. "A week with Olive Yonkers: She loves, soft dog beds, eating, going for walks, exploring, having her neck scratched, ears rubbed and butt massaged, and giving wet willies," Olive's mom wrote on her Facebook page. "She dislikes tomatoes, bananas and apples, being in her crate, and being alone. She is still on the fence about Dad and brother but it's only been a week!"

With love and patience, Olive has been improving every day - and more and more people have voiced their support for her, too. Olive has over 2,500 friends on her Facebook page after only 3 weeks of being in her new home. Olive's new supporters are posting on her page, cheering her on and expressing how happy they are that she's finally found a home.

Olive's story has won the hearts of so many people - she has had a hard journey, but the encouragement she has received is pretty incredible.

Olive is improving every single day. She is now used to her dad, and lets him pet her with no issues. She can take walks calmly next to her dog brother without too much hassle, and is getting more accepting of him every day.

It seems like Olive knows that she's finally home.