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Video Shows Homeless Dog Shaking, Trying To Make Himself 'Invisible'

He doesn't even have a name, but he has a story.

Unfortunately, no one knows it. The tan and white Staffordshire bull terrier mix was found as a stray last week and taken to Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (MCACC) East in Mesa, Arizona, on Friday. And it's clear that life on the streets didn't prepare the unlucky dog for the city shelter.

A video taken by volunteers shows the dog's frightened response to life at MCACC. With dogs barking and howling in the background, the frightened terrier cowers in the corner of his little cell, dipping his head and staring at the wall as he tries to disappear. Overcome with anxiety, his legs shake uncontrollably beneath him.

"I am terrified here," the shelter wrote below the video. "I try to be invisible, but it doesn't seem to be working."

This unnamed dog is just one of many who need homes, but volunteers who posted the video hope that the touching glimpse into this little dog's life will inspire someone to step up and claim him.

He's currently on hold at the shelter, but will be available for adoption on Tuesday morning. If you or someone you know can give him a home, please contact MCACC East at (602) 506 PETS. He's currently known as #A3699791.

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