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Family Dog Saves Grandma From Holiday Tragedy

A family in Canada always said their dog, Rex, was something special ... and on Christmas Eve, he proved to everyone exactly how special he really is.

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The Hawman family decided to have dinner at another family member's house on Christmas Eve night, leaving the grandma of the family, Noreen Lucas, home sick. Lucas fell asleep on the couch, just trying to sleep off her cold ...

And then a fire broke out.

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Lucas was in such a deep sleep that the fire didn't wake her up, and probably wouldn't have, if it weren't for Rex. The 9-year-old dog immediately dragged Lucas off of the couch and across the floor in an attempt to wake her - and it worked.

Lucas was able to wake up in time to not only save herself, but some of the other family pets inside the house as well. Sadly, one of the family's cats didn't make it, and neither did their hamster or two bunnies.

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If Rex hadn't been home, a lot of lives would have been lost that night. The family's home was completely destroyed, and their town has since banded together to help them while they figure out the next steps.

They may have lost their home, but the Hawman family is just grateful that, thanks to Rex, they didn't lose a whole lot more.

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"Things could have turned out a lot worse," Santana Hawman, the mother of the family, told CTV news.

Check out the full video coverage on the amazing story below:

If you'd like to donate to help Rex and his family, you can go here for more information.