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Loyal Dog Leaps In To Rescue Canine Friend From Bad Dream

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A true best friend knows that old "let sleeping dogs lie" idiom doesn't always apply - especially when said sleeping dog really, really looks as though he could use a cuddle.


A fluffy goldendoodle named Jackson was napping quite cozily when he suddenly fell into what appears to be a very vivid, very restless dream - one that had him "sleepwalking" on the couch. While the playful pup may have been happily chasing a frisbee along some sunny dreamscape in his mind, there's also a chance he was actually having a nightmare.

In either case, Jackson's shut-eye session soon improved after his best friend, Laika, decided to join in with a little reassuring nuzzling.


"Laika must have interpreted it as a nightmare because she swooped in to save the day and give her pal some snuggles," writes the dogs' owner on Instagram.


It's not uncommon for dogs to twitch and move in their sleep (like these eight epically dreaming puppies), and the reasons why are pretty clear. An MIT study found that animals not only have dreams, but that they experience them much in the same way that humans do. Animal dreams, says researcher Matthew Wilson, appear to be connected to actual experiences - possibly serving as training for events that might occur in their waking lives.

"One theory regarding the role of dreams in memory is that dreams may provide the opportunity to bring together experiences that were related, but did not occur at the same time, in order to learn from them," Wilson says.

It's hard to say what Jackson may have missed out on by being awoken from his restless dream, but he was treated to another sweet sort of lesson - on why it's good to have such a cuddly best friend.