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Dog Goes On Magical 65,000-Mile Road Trip With Her Best Friend

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Maddie is a seriously well-traveled coonhound. In 2011, few months after she was adopted by her owner - former fashion photographer Theron Humphrey - she road-tripped more than 65,000 miles.

Humphrey had just successfully funded a yearlong, Kickstarter-funded project to photograph and interview people across the country.

The project, This Wild Idea, now had a companion and mascot - Maddie, who soon become its beloved star and changed her owner's life. One day Humphrey photographed her on top of his truck, posted the pic to Instagram and the crowd went wild.

Her elegant physique, calm demeanor and sweet face made her a great model. The photos soon turned into a series and then a book, "Maddie on Things: A Super Serious Project About Dogs and Physics."

"Dogs make any life journey more rich," Humphrey has said.

He's since started Why We Rescue, an audio/visual project talking to dog adopters about their stories and photographing them with their pooches.

Meantime, Maddie and her owner are still taking and posing in photos-and changing each other's lives.

Check out more photos of Maddie below: