Dog Is So Happy To See His Mom Again After Travel Ban Lifted

He can't stop wagging his tail.

Dexter is a dog, so lucky for him, he doesn't follow politics nor is he privy to the latest hot-button topics of the day. All he knows is he has been missing his mom — and that he's so very happy that she's finally back in his life again.

Nazanin Zinouri with her dog, Dexter
Facebook/Nazanin Zinouri

The dog's owner, Iranian-born Nazanin Zinouri, is a Clemson University doctoral graduate who has lived seven years in South Carolina, where she's employed as an engineer under a foreign worker visa. Recently, after flying to her homeland to visit family, she learned she could not return to the United States due to the temporary travel restrictions put in place by the White House's recent executive order.

Zinouri was devastated, in no small part because it meant she was kept from her pup.

"Dexter is being taking care of by my amazing friends/neighbors," she wrote on Facebook. "I want to get updates and pictures of him everyday but it is just heartbreaking to see them and not know if I will ever be able to get back to him."

Dexter the dog misses his mom
Facebook/Nazanin Zinouri

Dexter and Zinouri were both in limbo; however, it ended sooner than expected.

On Friday, a federal judge ordered a temporary halt to the executive order, meaning green card-holders and people with visas, like Zinouri, could once again travel into the U.S. — so she did just that.

News station WYFF was there on Monday as Zinouri landed at the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport, where she was greeted by friends, supporters and, of course, the dog who'd clearly been waiting for this reunion all along.

Dexter's kisses and wagging tail say it all.

While the future of the executive order remains uncertain, and is still fiercely debated by pundits on both sides, it's reassuring to know that Dexter, at least, got the ending he was hoping for.