Sweet Dog Adopted From Shelter Has No Idea Why She's Back

All dogs deserve a forever home.

This sweet pup, named Athena, thought she'd found a forever home.

But it wasn't meant to be. Well, at least not this time.


A month ago, Athena was adopted from Miami-Dade Animal Services, in Florida, effectively saving her life from the overcrowded shelter. This week, for reasons that aren't clear, she was returned by the family who had chosen her as their newest pet.

Athena, too, was in the dark.

"They even brought her bed," the group Urgent Dogs of Miami wrote on Facebook. "Poor Athena had no idea that she was back at the shelter and who knows what may happen."

Here's heartbreaking video of the dog seeing that second chance slip away.

While it might seem easy to vilify the family who adopted, and later returned, Athena to the shelter, there are worse fates for an unwanted dog. Still, her story is indicative of a larger problem affecting countless animals dumped at shelters across the country: the notion that their lives are disposable.

Fortunately, thanks to the attention her story received, Athena was adopted into a loving home days after being returned to the shelter. But other adoptable pets are still waiting to find a family who is truly committed.

Follow this link to find adoptable pets, like Athena, who need a second chance too.