Dog Was So Scared To Show Her Face To Rescuers

They flew her halfway around the world to save her life.

When the crate arrived from Israel, the people who surrounded it expected to find the same old nightmare inside.

After all, dozens of battered, neglected animals had already been streaming into Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in Ontario, Canada. The sanctuary was flying the dogs to Canada as part of a massive rescue operation.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

It represented a chance at a new life for dogs who had been piled into cages, knee-deep in dark waters writhing with rats.

But, despite all her rescuers had seen already, Doba, among the last of the Israeli dogs, managed to instill a fresh sense of horror.

"I remember that when she was taken out of her crate there was a collective gasp from our entire team," Clare Forndran of Dog Tales tells The Dodo. "All of the dogs were in rough shape, but none looked as terrible as her."

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

She also couldn't close her mouth due to a severe tooth infection. Vets suggested the dog had been chewing on the metal poles of her shelter kennel, a desperate exercise in madness.

Even worse, her fur was so hopelessly matted, human touch actually hurt Doba.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

"I have never seen a dog with a coat so matted, and I imagine that it caused her a great deal of pain," Forndran says.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

In Israel, Doba's condition had made her practically untouchable.

"She was so terrified and uncomfortable that the volunteers were unable to handle her," Forndran says.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

But somewhere between there and the Canadian sanctuary, something changed for Doba.

"It was almost as though she immediately knew that she was in a better place and that she was safe here," Forndran explains. "She allowed one of our staff members to take her for that first walk, and, although she was very shy, you could tell that she was hopeful."

And with that flicker of hope came more change. Her coat was ever-so-carefully shorn. She welcomed real human contact.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

"It was incredible to see how quickly she transformed into an entirely different dog," Forndran says. "She now waits in her room, tail wagging, to greet new guests."

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

"When she is in playgroup with our other dogs, she will always be the first dog to run to the gate to say hello when someone new approaches," Forndran adds. "Doba is a true testament to the fact that a dog's environment can have a tremendous impact on their personality."

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

Now, Doba is ready for the most lasting change of all: a forever home.

Think you might like to take Doba on the final step of her long journey to a new life? Fill out an application here.