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Dogs Left In Cars Are At Risk — Even With The Windows Down

His owner left the windows down so he wouldn't overheat - but being left alone in a vehicle still nearly cost this pup his life.

WARNING: Disturbing image below.

Two officers from the Arkansas City Police Department, in Kansas, had just finished responding to a shoplifting call at a local Walmart this week when they were alerted to a far more urgent matter. In the parking lot out front, a dog was spotted hanging by a leash from the open window of a truck.

It seemed at first that they were too late to save him, but they tried to anyway. And it's a good thing that they did.

"The dog was hanging motionless and appeared to be deceased," the police department wrote online. "Sergeant [Jason] Legleiter was quick to think on his feet and used his patrol duty knife to cut the dog down in an instant. Officer [Wade] Hammond began tending to the dog's care as the dog lay on the ground and was unresponsive."

Afterward, the officers gently pressed against the dog's side in an attempt to revive him - and, slowly but surely, he began to return from the brink of death.

"Eventually, the dog appeared to have fully recovered from the incident and was able to stand under his own power," the department reports. "There is absolutely no doubt that Sergeant Legleiter's and Officer Hammond's quick response and care saved this dog's life."

Police are calling the incident an "accident," but this near-tragedy could have been avoided.

The dangers of leaving a pets in hot cars with the windows up have been well documented, so some dog owners might think simply tethering the animal and rolling the windows down is a safe solution. Truth is, however, that deaths from accidental hangings like this have happened before - and animal cruelty charges have resulted.

Dogs should never be left alone in a parked car, regardless of the temperature. So, before running errands, leave your dog at home, or, better yet, bring them along with you.