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Dog Terrified Of Being Rescued ... Until She's Hugged For The First Time

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For any animal, being rescued is probably a pretty scary thing at first.

A scared pup is forced to fend for herself for who knows how long, and then suddenly there are all these humans surrounding her and calling to her. The terrified dog has no idea what is happening and might be hesitant to trust anyone. It takes a lot of patience and love to finally convince a homeless dog that being rescued is the best thing in the whole world.

A rescue organization dealt with this very difficult situation recently after hearing about a homeless golden retriever that needed help, ABC News reported. The pup, eventually named Clarabelle, had been living on her own and needed to be rescued.

Hope For Paws searched for Clarabelle until rescuers were finally able to locate her. The commotion terrified the sweet pup, though, and she immediately hid where rescuers couldn't reach her.

Rescuers had to crawl under a dumpster to try and lure Clarabelle out, but she was frozen in fear, and getting her out seemed almost impossible.

YouTube/Hope For Paws

She was so scared that she covered her eyes with her paws ...

... until one of the rescuers finally reached out to touch her.

YouTube/Hope For Paws

Eldad Hagar, one of the individuals working to rescue Clarabelle, took the time to gain her trust, and was then finally able to get her out from under the dumpster.

YouTube/Hope For Paws

Clarabelle was no longer afraid once she saw that everyone was just trying to help her, and how much they already loved her.

YouTube/Hope For Paws

On the day of her rescue, Clarabelle received her first hug, and the rest is history.

YouTube/Hope For Paws

Clarabelle was taken to get medical attention and then placed in a foster home. The sweet dog that was terrified to even let a human come near her has finally learned what real love feels like.

May every rescue have as happy an ending as this one!

Check out the full video below of rescuers helping Clarabelle: