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Dramatic Photos Show Dog Saved From Devastating Mudslide

Four people have been killed and more than 20 are still missing following the collapse of two mining dams in Brazil - a tragic event that inundated several towns in a thick slurry of sludge and mud.

Since the collapses and resulting mudslides occurred last Thursday, firefighters and volunteers have descended to scour the wreckage before time runs out, but humans aren't the only victims they are fighting to save.

Several organizations dedicated to rescuing animals have been on the ground to save the lives of pets and farm animals left behind after their owners were evacuated to safety.

There's been no shortage of harrowing images to emerge from the rescue efforts in recent days, but one photo set in particular has captured a rare bit of hope in a place where so much has been lost. In it, a firefighter comes to the aid of a dog who somehow survived the flow of mining sludge and debris, only to wind up belly-deep in muck.

Standing in mud up to his knees, the firefighter hoists the dog from what otherwise might have been her early grave.

As the dog was likely too weak to walk, her rescuer then carried her over his shoulder to safety.

Alive but exhausted, the dog enjoyed some reassuring pets from the firefighter.

Dozens of animals affected by the dam collapses have been rescued so far and are being cared for by volunteers until they can be reunited with their owners.

Hundreds of nearby residents have reportedly been lining up to donate to those affected by the tragic incident, and to groups like the Animal Rights Defense Institute (IDDA), who are among those working to help those many nonhuman victims.

"Everything that we see is very sad and traumatic," the group writes on Facebook. "But every little life saved is hope renewed."