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Desperate Dog Shows Up On Just The Right Doorstep

We don't know where this battered refugee came from or what horrors he left behind - but when he showed up at a doorstep in Texas, he tasted human kindness, perhaps for the first time in his life.

"Help! This dog showed up at our home near Rio Del Sol area this morning," wrote Dan Van Coppenolle in a Facebook post on Saturday. "He has a collar with no tags and is in bad shape. Very weak and hungry."

And then, social media showed its best, most powerfully humane side - and sprang into action.

The post was shared more than 600 times, as hundreds of people offered to help.

"I'll buy him food."

"I'll sponsor him."

"Where can we donate?"

From a sea of comments, came, at last the four words that everyone needed to hear:

He has been rescued.

"Thank you all for your compassion," Van Coppenolle wrote in a subsequent post. "A kind woman who fosters unhealthy dogs just came to pick up this beautiful dog.

"You could tell that he was tiger-striped and his ears were clipped and was probably used for dog fighting. God is looking out for this beautiful dog."

Van Coppenolle says the dog with no name is at a rescue now, a place that specializes in bringing dogs back from the brink.

But then again, this poor, trampled traveler had already been rescued. The moment he showed up at a good man's doorstep.