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Dog Protects His Owner During Creepy Clown Attack

As the public continues to be terrorized by the growing menace of mysterious creepy clowns lurking in cities and town across America, having a faithful friend who's got your back is as important as ever.

Just ask Taylor Landon and his canine companion, Jojo - they recently had a very unpleasant encounter with one such creepy clown.

The Oklahoma native says he and Jojo had been out for a walk around midnight on Thursday in a Tulsa park when the dog began barking. That was all it took to alert Landon to the colorfully dressed assailant in the shadows nearby.

"I turned around and there was the clown and he struck me," he said in an interview with KTUL.

A fight then broke out, but luckily for Landon, he and Jojo had the clown outnumbered. The dog rushed in to protect him, and soon they were able to get away. Still, the creepy clown - dressed in an orange wig, makeup and a rainbow outfit - just kept on creeping.

"After me and my dog attacked him and got him off of us, I ran and I looked back and he was standing like this and he started walking real slow, and that is when I started running quicker," he told the news station.

Fortunately, Landon and Jojo escaped the terrifying attack without serious injury. Police say that this is the first incident of its kind in the area, but locals are still on edge.

"I don't understand what they're trying to do," Francisco Moreles, who works near the park, told Oklahoma's News On 6.

This was just one of numerous creepy clown sightings reported in recent days and weeks in what is part of a strange new phenomenon. Worse yet, the trend shows no signs of slowing, and law enforcement and the media are struggling to understand what might be behind it.

Until all these creepy clowns decide to give it a rest, having a trusty dog close by could help keep them at bay.

In fact, one police dog academy in Canada has apparently begun incorporating clowns into its practice regimes. Here's a new video from Baden K-9, showing a furry officer-in-training coming to the aid of his partner in the midst of a mock clown attack.

That clown never stood a chance.