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Dog Is So Worried When His Friend Plays Dead

For better or worse, it's not so easy to attend one's own funeral to hear just how respected and loved you were by all those you've left behind - but through some playful trickery, this mischievous dog named Jack did the next best thing.

He convinced his friend Archie into thinking that he'd given up his doggy ghost, thanks to a spot-on performance playing dead.

Now that's trolling at its finest.

Unfortunately, Twitter user @sam_mhull's video of the comical scene ends before the big reveal - so we can only guess how long it took for the charade to end.

This, of course, isn't the first time a dog has pulled out the "I'm dead now" card on the people who love them. Sometime, that's the best way to squeeze a few more minutes in at the park.

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