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Dog Who Never Knew Love Gets To Pick Out Her Very First Toy

There's a first time for everything - and in Roo's case, it's knowing that she's loved.

A few years back, the sweet golden retriever was dropped off at a high-kill shelter, left to die before having ever truly lived. Still very much a puppy, she'd spent her entire life denied even the most basic pleasures, including a plaything to call her own. Fortunately, that changed when she was rescued by her new dad, Brian Beker.

"Roo the one-year-old rescued Golden Retriever who never had any toys, or so much as anything to chew, grew up imprisoned, starved and neglected," Becker wrote while sharing a charming video of Roo's happy new life. "This is the first time she gets to choose her own toy at a pet shop."

Roo has come a long way since this video was first uploaded to YouTube in 2012. She's since become a poster pup of sorts, highlighting what beautiful things can result when a shelter dog is given a chance. Follow along with Roo's adventures on a page Beker started in her honor: TheDogInTheClouds.com.

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