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Photo Booth For Dogs Shows We're All Basically Alike

Only they don't take a bad picture.

A pose. A glance. A kiss. A moment of surprise.

It was almost almost ten years ago that photographer Lynn Terry first brought her rescued pit bulls into her studio for a photo shoot in the photo booth. Then, in 2014, after her own dog had died, Lynn decided to revive the old photo booth with a crew of new dogs, and the result is a perfect memorial for her own dog.

While in the photo booth, the dogs acted unsurprisingly human.

They goofed around.

They put on their best handsome face.

And sang songs together.

Like many photo booths, there was plenty of kissing.

Quite honestly, some serious tongue-action went down behind that curtain.

They smiled wide for the camera.

And, like everyone at one time or another, they closed their eyes at just the right moment.

They forgot to fix their hair.

And stood way too close to be in focus.

They yawned in perfect synchronization.

And, of course, there's always one person who decides to flash the camera.

Lynn published a book of dog photographs titled "Tails from the Booth" and you can check out more of her work on her Facebook page.

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