'Dog Pants' Debate Is Great News For Actual Dog Pants Maker

Last week, the collective force of the internet suddenly became enamored by a wonderfully absurd debate about how dogs would wear pants (you know, if dogs wore pants).

The two options, as seen in the image below, each seemed to make a certain amount of sense, yet at the same time, no sense at all.

But just when it seemed that the argument would rage on eternally unanswered, or at least until a discussion on cat blouses came up, something remarkable happened - people began to realize the answer had already been settled.

Turns out, a company called Muddy Mutts, based in Canada, had been making bona fide dog pants for years, and the winner is clear.

Here's what they look like:

Of course. Just as a pair of human pants is designed to cover and protect those limbs closest to the ground, the same applies to dog pants. The company points to this logic on its Facebook page:

"The Muddy Mutts dog wear resulted from the determination to solve a recurring problem – long clean up times when taking their two dogs on daily walks. Driven to resolve this problem the designers put their heads together and came up with a very unique and completely practical solution. They created dog wear that protects the dog where they get dirty."

All this discussion about dog pants wasn't just a time-waster for idle internet users. It turned out to be something they were actually interested in. And that came as a big boon for Muddy Mutts, which has been selling them since 2012.

On Tuesday, the company hinted that it had sold out its current stock of dog pants, writing online:

"What a day! You may have noticed that our web site is 'a bit' low on stock... well, I blame social media and the return of winter," adding, "we will have more Muddy Mutts coats available within a week."

That's right. You'll no doubt be seeing more and more dogs walking around wearing pants.

Thanks, internet.