Dog Refuses To Leave His Owner's Side After Tragic Accident

Kelly Black was out walking her dog Paco in Jacksonville, Florida, Friday morning when the unthinkable happened - she was hit by a semitruck, and killed.

Black was trapped and dragged underneath the semi before it finally drove off, leaving her behind - with Paco still by her side.

Rather than run away, Paco stayed at the scene of the accident, alone, lying in the street not far away from Black. As emergency personnel began to arrive on the scene, Paco continued to stay where he was, looking heartbroken. He couldn't imagine going home without his mom.

Paco remained near the accident for hours before Black's family members arrived to retrieve him. A video taken by Russell Colburn of Action News Jax shows Paco wagging his tail as he greets his extended family, still waiting for his owner.

Police think it's possible that the driver of the vehicle was unaware that he had hit someone.

Black's family told Action News Jax that she and Paco were inseparable, which Paco proved in his gut-wrenching display of loyalty.

Authorities will continue their investigation into who caused Black's death.