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Man Ordered To Destroy 'Vicious' Dog Adopts Look-Alike To Be Killed In Her Place

Jason Dotson didn't want his dog to die. Even, officials say, if it meant taking the life of another.

This week, the Ohio man was sent to jail for trying to pass off a healthy pit bull as the allegedly vicious dog he had been ordered to put down after a violent attack last year.

In October, a pit bull belonging to Dotson attacked a senior citizen and his service dog, nearly killing the dog, The Cincinnati Enquirer reports. As a result, Dotson was put on probation and ordered to turn over his dog to be euthanized.

According to prosecutors, however, Dotson had other plans.

Earlier this month, Dotson adopted Baby, a 15-month-old rescue dog, from the Cincinnati SPCA. Just two days later, officials say he returned to the facility with Baby posing as the other dog "so they would destroy an innocent dog that hadn't done anything to anybody."

Unfortunately for Dotson, an SPCA worker recognized the recently adopted pit bull and exposed his deception.

"In my 10 years as a judge I can't recall a more cold and heartless act," Judge Brad Greenberg said in court on Tuesday, sentencing Dotson to 28 days in jail for violating probation. "If I could give you more time, legally, I would."

Baby is now back at the shelter and the dog Dotson tried to save has since been put down, but some are still struggling to understand his actions.

"You just think how cruel it is," SPCA officer Brandon Corcoran told WXIX. "Why would you do that to an innocent healthy dog?"

If you're interested in adopting Baby, visit the Cincinnati SCPA's website here. Or, if you live outside the area and think you're ready to take a dog like her home, visit Adopt-a-Pet.com.