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Dog's Owners Watched As Her Toenails Got This Long

Good dogs suffer when owners do absolutely nothing.

And these owners did so little for their dog, the suffering had reached epic proportions.

A British couple was charged after their dog, Jess, was found in conditions so deplorable, rescue workers said they had never seen cruelty like it before.

The American bulldog's eyelids were folded inwards thanks to a condition known as entropion. She had a hole in her face that was brutally infected, along with infections on her ears and skin.

Somehow, it gets worse. The pads on Jess' feet had thickened to the point of growing horns. Yes, horns. She could barely walk.

If anyone should be sporting horns, of course, it's Vincent and Sharon Lloyd of Consett, England, whose cruelty earned them a lifetime ban on owning animals.

"I've never seen anything like the growths from the pads on her feet, which would have been obvious to anyone," Heidi Cleaver of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animalstold the Northern Echo. "She could barely walk as a result.

"Her face was oozing puss from the infected abscess and her eyes were secreting discharge from the painful entropion."

Ultimately, Jess didn't survive the ordeal. Rescuers say her suffering was so great, she had to be euthanized.

"In my professional opinion, Jess had been suffering for some time and, if veterinary attention had not been sought, she would have continued to suffer due to the problems with her eyes, ears and feet and also due to the abscesses," Christina Stubbins, the veterinarian who treated Jess said in a witness statement.

You can see a picture of Jess after she had been found by clicking here.

In addition to the lifetime ban, her owners were given suspended sentences and fined about $370.

Fair enough?

Yeah, we didn't think so either.

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