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Neighbors Can Only Watch This Dog's Private Hell

UPDATE: While the fate of a dog seen with his mouth taped shut and wearing a diaper remains unknown, neighbors told The Dodo the owner and his dog are no longer at the Houston condo complex.

Amber Cammack, who first posted about the dog on social media, says she believes he is still with the owner, but not at the complex. "My kids were crying," she said. "We had to walk past this every day. That dog was suffering, whimpering and crying. The owner said, his exact words were, he tied his mouth shut so [the dog] would stop crying and people would stop complaining."

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Last week, a man knocked on his neighbor's door at a Houston condo complex with a stern warning: Your dog desperately needs to be taken on a walk.

"You've left him on that wood-plank floored porch for the past three days," the irate neighbor said, according to a Facebook post. "And the dog's piss and everything else is dripping down on my head when I'm sitting on my patio."

The next day, the dog was spotted on his owner's balcony with a diaper duct taped to his hind quarters.

Apparently, the dog had also been whining too much for his owner's taste, who had a "solution" for that too: an old-school phone cord tied tightly around the dog's mouth and nose.

"Today, they were 'decent' enough to replace the phone cord with a thick rubber band," the Facebook post continues.

The grisly pictures below suggest the dog's owner at The Villas of Westador Condominiums in Houston, Texas, has a brutal way of appeasing his neighbors' concerns.

The appalling situation, detailed on the Facebook page for Second Chance Rescue NYC , has sparked outrage and calls for authorities to get involved. Namely, the condo's residents want the dog's owner charged - and the dog rescued.

"From what I have been able to show with documentation," continues the Facebook screed, "the Harris County Animal Control has been contacted at least 14 times, by 4 different residents of this condominium complex ... and not a single person has received a response."

Warning: The following images are disturbing.

YouTube/Amber Cammack

YouTube/Amber Cammack

A group of neighbors appealed to the Harris County Sheriff's Department to send an officer to the scene. When the police finally arrived, however, they seem to have been anything but helpful.

The officer can be heard in a YouTube video recorded at the scene, shrugging off the woman's concerns.

"It's not even his dog," the unidentified officer says. "He's trying to take care of it. It's his friend's or brother's dog, whoever."

"Taking care of him is wrapping his mouth up?" the incredulous neighbor asks.

"He didn't know how to take care of a dog. That's what it seems like. He knows how now. We told him," says the officer.

The cop then proceeds to lecture the woman.

YouTube/Amber Cammack

YouTube/Amber Cammack

"Would you feel safe if for any reason someone came to your place, knocking on your door?" he asks.

Calls to Harris County Sheriff's Department were not immediately returned, but Houston SPCA verified that a case was opened last week regarding the animal and an officer has been assigned. No further details were available.

If you would like to help this dog, call the Houston District Sheriff's Office at 713-221-6000.