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Human Does Magic Trick And Dog Is NOT OK With it

Dogs are probably baffled by a lot of things people do - leaving home for long periods of time, closing the bathroom door when dogs want in - people are just full of oddities.

This dog, however, was pretty used to his human's quirks - until he made a treat disappear.

When this unforgivable deed took place, this dog was just minding his own business, waiting to receive the delicious snack he rightfully earned.

The human put the treat in his own hand and closed his fingers around it. But when he opened his hand again ... the treat was GONE.

This guy probably thought his dog would love a good magic trick, but ...

... not so much.

When the treat finally materializes again, the dog just has so many questions: Where did the treat go? How did the treat come back? And, most importantly, when do I get to EAT the treat?!

The lesson here? Dogs aren't as into magic as they are snacks. Lesson learned.

Check out the full magical video below: