Dog Waits On Curb For Over A Month After His Family Moves Away

"He was just lying there, being his loyal self."

When a family moved out of their Detroit home, they left a lot of junk on the curb: a mattress, a couple of dressers. Pillows.

And a dog named Boo.

Of course, Boo didn't know they weren't coming back. There was the old bed he knew so well, with the old familiar scents. Why not crawl onto it and wait?

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

A month passed while Boo maintained his solitary vigil. A neighbor left food and water for this curbside refugee. But he refused to budge.

Finally, Mike Diesel, founder of Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue, got the call — and raced to the scene.

"He was just laying there, being his loyal self," Diesel tells The Dodo. "Pillows were still on the mattress. Being the loyal dog he was supposed to be, he waited for his master to come back."

And then Diesel set out to mend the dog's broken heart.

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

"What was left behind was whatever they wanted to throw out in the trash," Diesel says.

Boo had to come to terms with the fact that his family wasn't coming back — that he was as discardable as that mouldering mattress.

But first this astonishingly loyal dog would have to put his faith in another person.

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

Diesel spent about 11 hours with Boo on that first day, mostly just keeping him company and trying to get the dog used to his voice.

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

And, of course, the surest way to a dog's heart — fried chicken and hamburgers.

Diesel left him at 2 a.m. But he was back the next day at 10 a.m, this time with breakfast from McDonald's.

Boo's resolve started to weaken under the sausage McMuffin and hash brown assault.

And finally, he agreed to a collar.

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

"Once I got that on him, I walked him for about half an hour," Diesel says. "Just being right there next to him, gaining that trust. After that we sat on the ground, on a blanket, for an hour."

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

At last, Boo agreed to be picked up and put in the back of Diesel's truck.

"We kind of talked to each other to make sure we understood each other's feelings," Diesel says. "He knew I wasn't going to hurt him."

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

"Then he let me pick him up," he says. "I got him into the vehicle and we went straight to the vet."

Boo was found to be heartworm positive and began treatment that day. He was also found to be a loving, gentle dog who gets along with others.

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

Now, all he needs is to find a foster home. Or even a forever home. Think that could be you?

Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue

Get in touch with Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue through its Facebook page.

And if you would like to support Boo and other dogs like him, consider making a donation to Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue through its PayPal account at