Incredibly Smart Dog Learns How To Read

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Animals are a lot smarter than we might otherwise give them credit for, and that includes dogs. Sometimes our beloved pets need to remind us just how intelligent they really are. Recently, a group of dogs learned how to drive and now the next barrier has been broken - a dog has learned how to read.

That's right. This dog can read two different commands written on signs - "sit" and "down." Now, you might say, "wait a minute, this dog is just recognizing which sign stands for each command!" That is correct ... and that's what reading is.

Mind blown, right?

The crazy smart dog can read the command "down" ...


... and also "sit."


Now that dogs are learning to read, maybe they really can start to do things like take over the news and run the world. A world run by dogs? That doesn't sound half bad.

Check out the incredible full video below!

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