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Dog Very, Very Slowly Greets His Family With Goofy Smile

<p> <a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/3b7lpf/my_doodle_has_learned_to_smile_he_only_does_it/">Reddit/Bentendo64</a><span></span> </p>

Zuko the goldendoodle has figured out a special way to welcome his family home every day - with a smile. Redditor Bentendo64 uploaded these photos of him, explaining, "My doodle has learned to smile. He only does it when we get home. I laugh every time."

Zuko's welcome-home smile starts out as a sort of wink.

"Oh you're home! I am very happy about that, human."

And then it morphs into a lopsided winky smile ...

"Can you tell?! Can you tell how happy I am to see you?"

... before finally evolving into a full-on, cheeseball grin. Who could look at that face without smiling back?!


"I've never met a more loving and playful pooch," Bentendo posted about 1-year-old Zuko. "Wouldn't trade him for the world. Such a sweet pup."

So can dogs really smile? The answer seems to be yes, and not only can they smile at us, but our pooches can tell when we're smiling too! So keep rocking that goofy grin, Zuko - a smile is worth a thousand words, er, barks.