Newly Adopted Dog Just Can't Stop Zooming For Joy

<p><a href="" target="_blank">Facebook/Sammie The Pit Bull And Hooch</a></p>

Finding a forever home is the goal for all shelter pets. It's what we try to help them find every day. Why is it the very best moment when pets get out of shelters and into their new homes? Just take a look at this pup, and you'll never have doubts ever again.

This is Hooch, a dog who was found abandoned in a parking lot. Despite his rough beginnings, Hooch was able to overcome his struggles and achieve the ultimate goal of getting adopted. Now, Hooch couldn't be happier, and his new family was more than happy to share his joy with Facebook.

Second Chance Rescue NYC shared the video of Hooch, saying, "Love this video of Hooch! THIS is what feeling safe in a home with a family feels like. Hooch was abandoned in a parking lot but lucky for him he was found and adopted!" How right they are.

Hooch has clearly never been happier, and this is the kind of happiness we hope that all pets can find when they are finally adopted and taken to their forever home.

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