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Stray Dog Brings Smiles To Kids Who Need Them Most

A special church service held for a group of sick children was interrupted last week when an unexpected visitor walked through the door.

The Catholic mass, held at a Bolivian church in South America, was intended to be a time of prayer for a group of children diagnosed with cancer, but parishioners couldn't hold back their smiles and laughter when a dog wandered in and plopped himself down on the floor in the church's center aisle.

Photos captured the moments when the pup stretched and rolled across the church's tile floor to make himself more comfortable.

He brought the service to a temporary halt, but that didn't deter the priest from welcoming the surprise guest.

"The Father asked the dog not be disturbed," reads the photo's caption, "Because he is a creature of the Lord and is happy."

With no visible collar around his neck, the dog was likely a stray from a nearby neighborhood.

Not only was the dog happy, as the priest pointed out, but he also brought happiness to those around him, ill children who could benefit the most from a smile and some laughter.

It's no secret that therapy dogs can have a therapeutic effect and improve the emotional well-being and quality of life for a many people, including cancer patients.

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