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Dog Does The Cutest Thing To Cope With Scary Car Rides

Many dogs get SUPER excited about car rides. This pup, however, feels a little differently.

Every time Adam Douglas and his dog, Tom, go for a ride in the car, Tom gets a little anxious. After all, there are so many things that could go wrong! So, he insists on holding Adam's hand for the duration of every car ride.

Whenever Adam stops holding Tom's hand, he instantly tries to get it back again. He even leans in for some reassuring cuddling now and again, which is the sweetest thing ever.

In the comments on his YouTube video, Adam assures viewers that he's being safe when filming while driving by putting his iPhone in a hands-free holder. So, rest assured, both he and Tom are very safe - which is clearly very important to Tom, too.

Even though car rides are scary, Tom knows that Adam always has his back - and is always down to take a few car selfies to calm his nerves, of course.

Check out the full video of Tom's adorable habit below: