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Anyone Who's Ever Missed Their Dog Can Relate To This Video

One of the worst things about going off to college is, of course, you usually can't take your pets with you.

Our dogs understand that we'll come back when we can - but that doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye.

A user on Imgur recently posted about a teenager who finally made the big move to college, and while there are mixed comments about what's really going on, it's still a tearjerker for anyone who's ever had to leave pets behind before. The woman's family knew it would be extremely tough for her and her dog to be apart, and so her dad drove the dog 60 miles to met up with her, every single weekend. If it's true, is this the world's greatest dad? I'd say so.

Even though the best friends got weekly visits to spend time with each other, that didn't mean parting at the end of it was easy. Every time the dog had to leave again, he objected - pretty strongly.

The heartbroken dog would desperately try to get back to his girl, not wanting to leave her and have to wait another whole week before they could be together again.

It's hard to know if this is exactly what's happening from just the short video clip, and we're the first to admit that this looks more like an airport or a mall. But if we do trust what the poster says, this situation is altogether pretty adorable. Regardless of what's actually happening, dogs really do hate when their owners go off to college ...

... and these dogs' immense dedication really goes to show that dogs truly are our best friends.