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Dog Is NOT Happy There's Something Different About Her Dad

One of the best things about having a dog is that they accept us and love us for exactly who we are ... unless we make a change they don't like. For instance, putting on a hat.

Christy the dog loves her owner Jac more than anything, but when Jac made the decision to wear his new camouflage hat, Christy was not ok with it ...

In fact, she didn't even recognize him.

When Jac puts on the hat, it's as if he becomes a whole different person, a person that Christy does not know or particularly like. But as soon as the hat comes off ... Bam. Instant friends again.

Either that camouflage is working a little too well, or Christy is just trying to tell Jac that hats really aren't his thing. Hey, dogs know best.