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Horrific Abuse Leaves 3 Of Dog's Bones Totally Exposed

When he was found, Noah the German shepherd had been walking around on a mutilated paw for days or weeks - likely due to neglect from his owners. He was in extreme pain, but no one had been there to help him.

Animal control officers responded to a call in Houston after a neighbor reported animal cruelty, KPRC - Houston reported. Noah's paw had three bones completely exposed, and rescuers were unsure how long it had been like that. He was immediately rushed to receive medical care.

Warning: Graphic image below

Val's Pals GSD and Large Paw Rescue, which specializes in German shepherds, took Noah to VERGI Emergency Animal Hospital to have his wounds treated. Vets concluded that the injuries to his paw were too severe, and he would need to have his leg amputated, as Noah was already missing the bones that should have been his toes.

"He will have the front leg amputated at the shoulder and we're investigating the wound in his neck as it seems there's some nasty parasites eating his flesh, and he will need an x ray of his skull," Val's Pals wrote about Noah on its Facebook page. It is unclear exactly how long Noah was being abused for or what the circumstances were, and a cruelty investigation is underway.

Through all the pain and trauma, Noah has remained nothing but sweet and brave. Rescuers took to the young dog quickly, and he slowly began to win the hearts of everyone he interacted with. People have been truly touched by his heartbreaking story, and his Gofundme page has raised over $19,000.

If you'd like to help Noah, you can donate to his cause.

Check out the video coverage on Noah below:

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