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Huge Dog Loves To Protect His Guinea Pig Best Friend

Ellie May is a Great Dane, which means she's large. Very large. At only 11 months, she's already pretty huge ... but that doesn't mean she can't make friends with much tinier creatures.

In fact, Ellie May loves making friends with pretty much everyone - especially a little guinea pig named, fittingly, Smalls.

The Great Dane puppy is an incredible friend and protector, and is always around to make sure that Smalls is doing OK. Smalls loves Ellie May right back, and sometimes acts like she's his mom.

Ellie May and Smalls have another tiny friend, too - a little bird named Pineapple.

Pineapple, Smalls and Ellie May love all love to hang out together, and the pup is super gentle with her little friends.

The family also has two other dogs as well, Buddha and Samson, who have definitely let Ellie May take the reigns on watching over the little ones.

They're a great big mixed-animal family, and they definitely wouldn't have it any other way.