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Dog Left At Shelter After Her Owner Died Is Still There Years Later

She's 8 years old now — and looking for the perfect family.

No one's quite sure how Diamond keeps her sparkling smile.

Maybe it's because staff at the shelter where's she spent most of her adult life treat her like family.

"The staff absolutely love her," Dannie Wall, a board member at the Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County, tells the Dodo. "She's like their dog."

Or maybe she gets to go on outings with shelter staff to places like Home Depot.

Or maybe she's just one of those rare dogs who wakes up in her kennel thinking this could be the day she finally goes to a real home.

The trouble is, those days have been piling up fast for Diamond.

When she was 3 years old, her owner and best friend died. Despite that tragic turn, she was in her prime - a buoyant, loving dog with her whole life ahead of her.

Little did anyone know at the time that Diamond would spend the next five years at the West Virginia shelter.

Now, she's a senior dog, her hopes of finding a real home dwindling with each day.

Even if she never shows it.

Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County

There have been some calls about Diamond over the years. But often inquiries fizzle when people find out she can be the only dog in the home.

"She's a reactive dog," Wall says, "She doesn't tolerate other dogs well. We've had several phone calls, but they all have another dog in the house or another cat in the house. And that's not going to work out."

"She definitely needs a one-animal house."

Ever the optimist, Diamond is working on that.

"We take her to training once a week so she's getting more accustomed to being around other dogs," Wall says.

It will take time. Something Diamond certainly knows a thing or two about. She also knows how to keep her spirits up. While many dogs who spend too long in shelters tend to shut down, becoming less social and more withdrawn with every passing day, Diamond keeps flashing that irrepressible smile.

Maybe she knows something we don't know.

Like maybe that smile is for you.

If you would like to make today the day Diamond finally goes home, contact the shelter by emailing adoptions@awsjc.org or calling 304-725-0589.

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