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Dog Is Too Sad To Eat Because He Misses His Owner

<p>Kimberley Slown</p>

If there were ever a dog who made his feeling known through his belly, it would be Roscoe.

So when his heart broke, so too did his once legendary appetite.

You see, Roscoe used to be a bit of gourmand.

"Roscoe was well-loved by his owner who cooked him three meals per day," Kimberley Slown of Animal Rescue Revolution on Wheels (ARROW) tells The Dodo.

Then his owner died. And Roscoe had no place to go but to a shelter.

Knowing his heart is hard-wired to his belly, staff at Gibson County Animal Shelter in Indiana tried mightily to comfort Roscoe.

Kimberley Slown

But he wouldn't eat a bite.

For a couple of days, Roscoe rejected food completely - a situation that grew increasingly worrisome to his caretakers.

Sure, Roscoe needed to lose a few pounds. But he at least needed to eat something.

We know dogs grieve after losing a loved one. Roscoe was mourning through his belly.

It took an extra effort to bring him out of his funk - and back to food.

Alerted to his plight, ARROW pulled him from shelter.

"He is in my home and he is such a love. Just so happy to be out of the shelter," Slown says.

Slown prepared healthy meals for him using nothing fancy - just premium, grain-free kibble.

Roscoe was intrigued.

"I just put it in a bowl," she says. Roscoe saw a couple of other dogs eating and decided it was time to partake.

And then it came back - that well-satisfied Roscoe smile.

Kimberley Slown

"He woke up with a smile on his face," Slown says. "We are so happy for him."

Think you might be able to find your way to this dog's heart and provide him with a loving home? (HINT: It's through his belly.) He's looking for a forever home. Get in touch with ARROW for more details.