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Dog Is NOT Impressed With Her New Haircut

Mimi, an 11-year-old shih tzu, has a lot of fur.

Every month or so, her family gets her trimmed, which can be expensive. This month, her dad, Josh Pitruzzella, opted for a cheaper version of her usual cut ...

... which resulted in a VERY different looking dog.

Mimi was left with lots of fur on her tail and ears - but nowhere else. Pitruzzella was completely shocked when he picked Mimi up an hour later, and Mimi didn't exactly seem thrilled, either. "What have you DONE," her face seems to say.

Pitruzzella wrote on Twitter that now his beloved dog looked a little like "a rat on meth." Mimi seems to think she just looks ridiculous.

We've all had a bad haircut before, and luckily, it always grows back. Hang in there, Mimi. You'll look more like yourself again eventually.