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Dog Shocks His Owner With His New Haircut

"My mom just RUINED my dog and she literally said 'he wanted to keep it long on the top.'"

Sometimes parents take their dogs to get haircuts and it doesn't turn out AT ALL how the dog would have liked. But one dog recently got an outrageous haircut that he actually seems pretty into.

Lindsay Martin's mom took her dog, Wembley, to get a trim recently ... but when the pair came back, Martin was shocked at what her mom had let happen.

When she asked her mom why she'd let the groomers give her dog such an outrageous haircut, her mom simply said that Wembley "wanted to keep it long on top."

Try as she might, Martin couldn't get her mom to agree to shave the the fluff off of Wembley's head ...

... which is probably better, because honestly, it seems like he's pretty pleased with his new 'do.

And, of course, the internet is pretty pleased with it, too.

Even though Martin was a little shocked at first, she's now getting used to Wembley's new look. After all, if Wembley likes it, then it can't be so bad.

"Wembley is the best dog in the world. Fluffy or Fieri," Martin wrote on Twitter.

Don't worry, Wembley, we think you're totally rocking it.