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11 Dog Besties Who Are Total Dynamic Duos

1. "Shh! The human is looking at us! Stop talking about our plans for world domination!"

(Reddit: Vlaed)

2. "All right, Doug, two more miles to the interstate and we're outta here!"

(Reddit: kamarte)

3. "You know, this really is where we get our BEST thinking done."

(Reddit: afondul)

4. "Ugh, I promise, we buried the bone on THIS side of the yard!"

(Reddit: thisiscole)

5. "Thanks for being my workout motivator, Fred."


6. "Psh. I TOLD you I was the strongest."

(Reddit: vinkulelu)

7. "Frank, I've told you a thousand times, you're supposed to SMILE for photos."

(Reddit: simon_wang12)

8. "If we end up at the vet again, let's make a break for it."

(Reddit: Spambar)

9. "Fine, Carl, I'll get your frisbee for you ... and a 'thank you' would be nice, ya know!"


10. "OK, we have to work together if we're gonna complete this dog park mission!"

(Reddit: adamm3k)

11. "Thanks for the good times, buddy."


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