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Overjoyed Dog Loses It Over Existence Of Unamused Cat

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Sometimes cats and dogs have a tumultuous relationship - and sometimes dogs just want cats to love them. A lot of cats are generally unamused by dogs trying to play with them (or think it's funny to annoy them by acting unamused), but some dogs simply aren't going to give up.

This dog heard there was a cat ... and he completely lost it. As he runs toward the cat, you can practically hear him panting, "Cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat!"

Youtube/America's Funniest Home Videos

The cat, of course, is not quite sure what all the excitement is about. Yes, she's a cat, just like she was yesterday and still will be tomorrow. Calm down. It's OK.

Once the pup has over-greeted this cat, he settled down next to her like nothing happened. He just got a little excited. No big deal ... he just loves cats.

Of course, this guy isn't the only dog who has ever been a little too jazzed about a cat. This pup isn't really sure how to interact with this cat besides just running circles around him ...

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... and this pup gets so overwhelmed by his cat that he completely forgets how to sit up.

Youtube/America's Funniest Home Videos

And of course, there's this dog, who can only touch his cat for moments at a time before he gets too overwhelmed.

Youtube/America's Funniest Home Videos

Meanwhile, the cats are just kind of like: