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Tiny Dog Fetches His Little Human ... Literally

Most dogs are pretty quick to master the art of fetch. The human throws a ball or a stick, the dog runs to get it and then brings it back to the human - easy.

A little dog named Charlie was getting pretty bored with the standard rules, however, so he decided to create his own.

Charlie and his human family wound up with the best game of fetch ever. Every time the dad pushes his little boy Ethan on his bike and sends him off, Charlie knows that it's time ... to bring him back.

Charlie learned how to fetch Ethan. Literally.

Ethan clearly LOVES when Charlie comes to fetch him, made clear by his nonstop laughter during the game. Charlie jumps and lunges before Ethan has even taken off, eager to play "fetch the human."

This family has taken the most classic of games and made it new - and possibly even better. It's going to be really confusing for Charlie when Ethan gets bigger. He'll be so much harder to fetch then.