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Dog Freaks Out When He Sees His Family On FaceTime

They were away on vacation and he missed them SO much.

When Edison Fontanilla and his family went away on vacation, they had to leave their adorable Samoyed Kygo behind. When Fontanilla was FaceTiming his sister while he was still away, she put Kygo on camera to say hi to everyone too.

At first, Kygo was a little confused ...

... and wasn't sure exactly what was happening ...

... but as soon as he realized it was his family live on the other end, he FREAKED OUT, and was so overjoyed to be interacting with them again.

Hopefully seeing his family on FaceTime helped to reassure Kygo that they still love him so much, and will be home very soon!

Hang in there, Kygo! They'll be back snuggling with you again so soon!

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