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Blind Dog Has No Idea Why She Was Left Alone At A Shelter

Eyesight? Partial at best. Hearing? Almost completely gone. Age? Probably around 10, but no one knows a single thing about her history.

She was found wandering through a backyard in Atlanta, Georgia, a few days before she was reported to animal control.

Now, the blind and deaf dog has a name: Raven. She's housed at a shelter through Fulton County Animal Services, but the shelter says she's "bewildered here," according to a Facebook post. "She has no idea where she is."

"She is often found lying in her kennel, eyes open seemingly staring at the wall," the shelter continued. "She will startle when you touch her but once she knows you are there, she enjoys the attention."

Rescue group Susie's Senior Dogs posted the above photo of Raven on Sunday. They wrote a plea in the caption asking potential adopters to bring Raven into their home: "Old age is not a disease. Raven still knows what it's like to feel loved and laying in a shelter need not be her fate."

Several people have expressed interest in providing a home for Raven during her golden years, but as of Monday, Raven is still in the shelter, where the staff members have only so much time to devote to each dog.

She can't see the concrete walls around her. She can't hear the other dogs barking for attention. But thanks to the staff at the shelter, she now knows what a gentle, loving touch feels like. Hopefully somebody will soon step up, so she can know what home feels like too.

All across the country, elderly dogs are surrendered to overcrowded shelters. Follow Susie's Senior Dogs on Facebook to see if there's a dog in need near you.